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Your Vision, Our Craft

What we offer
Elevating your vision into a captivating narrative is at the heart of our service. We go beyond surface-level design, immersing ourselves in strategic thinking to align each visual element with your brand and product's narrative and objectives. Whether you're starting out, navigating a competitive landscape, an established brand craving a rejuvenated perspective, or have a property product that needs a clear wayfinding system, our approach is finely tuned to meet your distinct needs.

Because, well-defined visual language allows less words in person.

Case study

'Say Kimchi' is not just kimchi; it is a mood—fun, zingy, and all about attention to nature. It's your new iconic addition to the table.

Our Process

Product Discovery

We adopt a thorough approach to product discovery and strategy. It begins with a deep dive into your brand's heart, mission, and audience. Collaborating with a strategist, we craft a comprehensive brand persona using existing business data and guided strategy workshops. To capture real-world insights, we conduct site visits, noting successes and challenges. When needed, we even immerse ourselves as audience members for valuable firsthand insights, mirroring an immersive market research approach.

Strategic Design Direction

We turn insights into a detailed brand strategy guide, outlining values, messaging, purpose, and proposition. Thorough research guides the visual direction of the project. We craft comprehensive mood boards that truly encompass the brand's essence, laying the foundation for its extensive visual identity.

Collaborative Design Development

We believe in an honest and collaborative design environment. We initiate this with the first draft, prompting a swift feedback loop. Adapting to client input, we continue to seamlessly progress through the different stages in the project. Our transparent process and efficient communication streamline feedback, eliminating the need for lengthy meetings. With a focus on visual excellence, we guarantee a polished design outcome through our iterative approach.

Ready to Launch

Launching a brand is overwhelming, but our design studio is here to lighten the load. After setting the launch date, we handle every detail, from print quotes to website testing, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities. Our commitment extends beyond launch day – we remain your creative partner, updating online brand guidelines and strategically applying our identity across digital channels. Our mission is to navigate the digital landscape authentically, ensuring your brand makes a lasting impact in the market.

What Clients Say

“We love working with Erica at Deeney’s. She has assisted on a variety of branding projects, always being very professional, thorough and timely. Her creative style is wonderful and the process by which she considers your brand is excellent. A lasting professional relationship I’m sure!”

Carol Deeney, Director at Deeney's Cafe


“It was such a pleasure working with Erica. She was patient, thoughtful and always brought so many ideas to the table for our branding. We came to Erica with some ideas already in mind; she patiently and clearly worked to really understand our thought process, philosophy and what we were going for. She went above and beyond with references and ideas. She was also great at telling us gently when our ideas were not the best for the branding! I am so thankful we had her on board and I can't recommend her enough.”

Laura Hannigan, Co-founder at Simple Works​​​​​​​


“The proposal from Studio EYC at the beginning was thorough and complete than other quotes we had received, and so we knew we'd get a level of service that we wouldn't get with other designers. Erica's work showed really well that the style is contemporary and high-quality, and was in line with what we wanted. Thanks to Erica for the great service! We're delighted with the result. We'd like to continue working with Studio EYC.”

Fred Miles & Conor O'Sullivan, Founders at Float Structures

Our Partners
Alison Brooks Architects
Battersea Power Station development
David Chipperfield Architects
Deeney's Cafe
Dixon Baxi Studio
Duration Brewing
Evolve Engineering Consultant
Fermynwoods Art Gallery
Float Structures
Harriott Eyles Architecture + Structure
Heatherwick Studio
London Metropolitan University
Me & Dave
PRAUD Architects
Simple Works
University of the Arts London
Whitby Wood
  • Our branding process is split into 3-4 stages, depending on the 'add-ons' a brand (or product type) needs. Check out our process above for more details. Creating a strong visual solution requires brand research and a deep understanding of how it works. Client involvement and approvals are crucial, so the whole branding process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on clients availability and the size of the organisation.

  • To provide you with an accurate quote, simply fill out the basic form on our contact page​. Following this, we'll schedule a 30-minute initial call to delve deeper into your project. Within 2-3 days after our discussion, you'll receive a fee proposal. During the call, share insights about your project, including details about target customers, challenges, brand values, references, and expectations. As a unique design agency, we customise our solutions to fit your project precisely. The more we connect with you and your team, the better the result. Feel free to return when you gather more information from your board. Contact us to kick-start the conversation!

  • We provide a project fee quote for establishing the entire branding, which also includes property signage and wayfinding for the project. However, the day rate serves as a significant milestone for 'add-ons' such as extra revisions, additional deliverables, or ad-hoc graphic design services. 

  • Every project and brand is unique, and we believe in delivering customised solutions that perfectly align with the challenges you're facing. For an accurate quote tailored to your project, please reach out to us. We'd love to learn more about your goals and discuss how Studio EYC can bring your vision to life.

    Fill out our client intake form, and we’ll be in touch with next steps to schedule an initial consultation call. 

    We offer 'VIP DAY' a periodic design service for micro businesses, tailored to your brand strategy. Read more about it here.

  • Our design fee includes website development, particularly when the digital solution or behaviour requires advanced scripts. If you already have an IT team, we're happy to work alongside them, and the fee won't come with an additional development cost. Specifically for sales pages and brand portfolio sites, we favour using WIX Studio, eliminating the need for bespoke coding. Similar to coordinating different professionals for designing your space—architects or interior designers—how much involvement you prefer is up to you. You can engage with a web developer separately to optimise your budget or trust us to manage all aspects on your behalf.


    Browse our website project done on WIX studio. 


It all start from a chat.
Feel free to tell us what you have in mind.

Every project and brand is unique, and we believe in delivering customised solutions that perfectly align with the challenges you're facing.
Our expertise
  • Good branding gives your organisation and product a personality, making your audience wants to interact with your business.

    The business will foster the deeper connection with your audience when it becomes more emotional driven and personal to them. It distinguishes your product from others in your industry and provides an emotional reason to choose your product. 

    We begin by delving deep into your brand essence, values, and goals. Through meticulous market research, strategy, and collaboration, we craft design directions that your audience will recognise and remember. 

    Our comprehensive identity covers the colour palette, typography, imagery, and other design elements, building a cohesive and memorable brand. Documented with clear application guidelines, we ensure seamless integration of your new identity across all brand touchpoints. 

    What's Included

    • Brand Strategy

    • Primary, Secondary logotype

    • Icons & Favicon

    • Colour Palette

    • Primary Typeface

    • Visual Direction

    • Typography Hierarchy System

    • Custom patterns

    • Stationery Set 

    • Brand guidelines

  • We redefine property branding, signage, and wayfinding with a dynamic approach that transcends the conventional, from its core purpose to the visitor's journey. Whether it's transforming mixed-use blocks or infusing character into residential buildings, our expertise goes beyond bid preparation, fostering a creative partnership that reshapes the very fabric of urban spaces. Compliant with the latest UK Government regulations, our installations of wayfinding signage become opportunities for enhancement, blending functionality with creativity for positive transformations that speak volumes.

    Our design strategically harmonises visuals with architectural narratives and aesthetics. In our partnership, we begin by immersing ourselves in the architectural brief, exploring typology and functionality. Through site visits, scenario tests, and mock-ups, we validate our intuitive approach, considering both space and human behaviour. The result is an expressive design that shapes spaces that reflect your vision while enhancing the overall experience for residents, visitors, and users alike.

    What's Included​​​

    • Signage Design

    • Iconography Design

    • Colour Palette

    • Primary Typeface

    • Wayfinding system

    • Typography Hierarchy System

    • Custom patterns

    • Hoarding Design/ Construction Notice Graphics 

    • A4 Poster Template Design

  • We specialise in crafting intuitive, engaging, and conversion-driven website experiences to elevate your brand's online presence. Our meticulous process begins with a deep dive into your brand persona, visual language, objectives, community, and identity. Armed with this insight, we develop design directions that truly resonate.

    From extensive market research to collaborative brainstorming, wireframing, prototyping, and iterative design revisions, we ensure functionality and aesthetic appeal. We handle every aspect, from user experience to the final website build, ensuring it's optimised for all devices.

    What's Included

    • Website Strategy

    • Custom Wireframe

    • Concept Design

    • Web Development

  • We steer the visual aesthetics and storytelling of your brand's imagery, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your identity, values, and message. Our collaborative and strategic approach begins by integrating core messaging and identity into a comprehensive art direction plan. This includes selecting locations, crafting mood boards, developing style guides, and briefing photographers and set designers.

    We meticulously choose photographers whose style harmonises with the brand's vision, guiding them throughout post-production to maintain consistency. We provide hands-on creative direction during shoots, refining compositions, and overseeing the visual narrative to ensure alignment with the agreed-upon art direction. 


    What's Included

    • Shot Mood Board

    • Production Guide

    • Photograph Retouch

  • In addition to our core services, we provide a diverse range of design offerings that you can tap into to tailor a comprehensive solution for all your current needs. Explore our additional design services to enhance and customise your brand's creative journey. Whether it's refining your visual identity or exploring unique design elements, we have the expertise to elevate every aspect of your brand.


    What We Offer

    • Social Communication templates

    • Report / Publication Design

    • Packaging Design

    • Poster Design

    • Brand Merchant Design

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