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Busy self-starters & Small business owners

A Day-In Day-Out creative service that doesn't break the bank

Hire a dedicated design partner for the day, and check off your to-do list.


Imagine a dedicated, intensive design day scheduled regularly for micro brands looking to up-level their presence and make a lasting impact, all without the lengthy timelines. 

We become your in-house designers for the day, bringing your brand vision to life and tackling your to-do list with top-notch quality and care.

This is the perfect fit
for you if...

  1. You often find yourself strapped for time to nurture your brand image.
  2. You lack the technical knowledge to handle it independently.
  3. You're in search of a system capable of forecasting and overseeing a comprehensive brand strategy.
  4. You prefer not to over-invest in a package when you know exactly what you need.
Carol Dwyer
Founder of Deeney's


"Before VIP DAY, we struggled to find time for our brand, often reacting to design tasks as they came up instead of planning a comprehensive strategy. Since participating, we've seen a remarkable change: we're now attracting ideal projects, capturing our audience's attention, and improving our brand image. Erica at Studio EYC's collaborative and efficient communication style has been key to this transformation. She truly understands our brand and values, ensuring that the design deliverables are spot on."

Our VIP Partners


A free 30-minute consult to start.
If you feel good about it, we plan out what needs to be completed and what I'll need from you before we begin.

What we can work together

Once we've taken the time to get to your business, and your exact goals, we curate a personalised list of deliverables we'll deliver on.

Brand Tonal Guidance Update
Campaign Content Design 
Digital Publication
Brand Template Update
Website Update
Signage Update
Menu Board Design
Packaging Design Update
Deck Design

  • If you feel your visuals aren't attracting the right customers or conveying your message effectively, consider scheduling regular 'VIP DAY' sessions with us. This allows you to gain an external perspective on your brand strategy and understand the audience experience. I dedicate a lot of time to guiding brands like yours on how to authentically 'be you' and create meaningful interactions with your audience, rather than just trying to convert them.


    Branding isn't just for large companies with big budgets; it's crucial for generating awareness and driving sales for small businesses too. With regular VIP DAY sessions, you will embrace a mindful approach to branding, where each session is a step towards your brand's growth and success, ensuring your brand remains fresh and impactful. 

  • At Studio EYC, we understand that branding represents the "why" and is about "being," while marketing focuses on the "how" and "doing." Your branding evolves like a living entity, requiring trimming and adjustments to key visuals to stay relevant for your growing vision and target audience.

    Many brands benefit more from updating their visual language across multiple channels rather than rebuilding from the ground up.


    We work with your existing brand guidelines and brand strategy, enriching them with tailored visuals. You select specific design tasks to create a personalised experience for your customers, new products, and special occasions, keeping you in control. Nurture your vision and stay ahead of business decisions by integrating relevant visuals proactively.

  • Together, we create a priority list tailored to your specific goals, ensuring we address the areas that need work the most. We can fit two 'Simple Tasks', or one 'Intensive Task' in a day. If you have a new product or service to launch as an example, potential tasks can include: 

    • Label design

    • Social campaign design

    • Event flyer

    • Banner design

    Let’s make the most of our time to elevate your brand effectively and efficiently. 

  • Within the next 48 hours after your VIP DAY, you'll gain access to native design files and assets, including:

    • Illustrator files that can be converted into PDF or SVG formats

    • Figma boards where you can create a whole library of social media posts and webpage designs

    • Packaged InDesign documents for booklets or text-heavy designs

    • Being at the front of the queue for blocking Studio EYC’s calendar for your next VIP DAY.


    Additionally, you'll be added to a 'private WhatsApp chat' where I will be answering your questions. This allows us to prioritise our conversations during the VIP DAY and provide advice as needed. 

  • We have a list of common design tasks from our past and current micro business clients. These tasks fall into two categories based on your existing brand strategy and task intensity: 

    1. Simple Design Tasks:

      • Using your existing visual guidelines and strategy, we can elevate your brand with subtle touches such as:

        • Moodboard update

        • Event flyer design

        • Email signature update

        • Icon set update

        • Business card template design

    2. Intensive Design Tasks:

      • These involve a new strategic approach to your brand's image, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your identity, values, and message. Tasks may include:

        • Brand guideline refresh

        • New product package design

        • Website refresh

        • Window graphics

        • New illustration sets

    Every brand or product has different inquiries due to their unique challenges and setups. Once we have a better understanding of where you are and what you aim to achieve, together we can create a custom action plan. Let us know if there are bespoke tasks required for your brand such as 'van graphics'.

    We'll tailor our VIP DAY to your specific needs, ensuring every task contributes to your brand's growth and success.

    Find time for 30 mins chat here. 

  • We offer several tiers of design intensives to match the unique challenges your brand faces. Your brand is likely at a different stage than our current VIP Day clients, so we need to understand where you are and what you aim to achieve during our discovery call. Together, we will create a periodic action plan that aligns you with the package that suits you best.

    The investment starts at £680, and we also offer accessible payment plans to support you.

Small and micro businesses often face challenges in understanding their target audience, effectively communicating their unique value, and focusing on the right channels. The issue is rarely the quality of the product or service but rather how it's presented to the market. Branding isn't just for large companies with big budgets; it's essential for generating awareness and driving sales for small businesses too.

To support your micro business, I launched the 'VIP DAY' service. This periodic check-in helps you establish the right brand image and positioning. We recognise that each business is unique, with its own audience and market niche. Our expertise lies in transforming complex or mundane brand images into impactful designs, specifically tailored for the hospitality sector. Let’s create a brand experience that stands out and resonates with your target market.

Meet Your Design Partner,
Erica at Studio EYC

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Before you go...

We'd love to highlight opportunities for improvement and new ideas for your business. Feel free to request a brand audit below.

If you're curious about what the design exercise is like with us, have a sneak peek at the reviews here.

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