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Who we are

Studio EYC, under the leadership of Erica Y Choi, is a global design studio with over 16 years of industry experience, having successfully transformed over 70 businesses and products. Our expertise lies in crafting resonant brands, whether building them from the ground up or enhancing the impact of established ones. Our hallmark is the creation of captivating, emotion-driven work that not only achieves client goals but also resonates powerfully with their audiences.


Founding Director 

The Founder

Erica started her career as a Jr. Art Director in Seoul, South Korea. Known for her focus on emotional intelligence in the realm of creativity, she has a knack for translating complex ideas into warm, relatable visuals. She loves infusing her designs with artistic flair and an emotive touch.

Hailing from a different corner of the world and navigating through a new language taught her a thing or two. Her artistic talents and bilingual proficiency seamlessly converge, serving as a potent tool to dismantle language barriers and facilitate distinct visual interpretations. Her ability to envision and bring ideas to life allows her to effortlessly connect with the target audiences of her clients. She views these strengths as superpowers for her agency, ensuring that every client relationship not only achieves success but is genuinely exhilarating!

Our Mission 

Becoming part of the 0.1% of women of colour

Break barriers, amplify voices. Adding to the numbers as a woman of colour in design leadership not only reshapes narratives but crushes micro-discrimination, paving the way for a more inclusive future. We're determined to help change the leadership gap in our industry, and our social initiatives will be a driving force behind our agency.

Unleashing Authentic Creative Energy

To energise ourselves, explore diverse craft options, and create beyond the screen. We believe in the power of a unique creative style and voice—something that transcends trends and resonates with authenticity. It's a reflection of our personalities, inspirations, memories, and experiences. We take the time to truly understand each challenge, gathering insights from stakeholders, partners, and the audience through genuine conversations, interviews, research, and trend analysis.


We have 'VIP DAY' design service for small & micro businesses because 'forging brand image' isn't just for large companies with big budgets; it's essential for generating awareness and driving sales for small businesses too. Sparing a small annual design budget for small businesses transforms them into visual standouts, fuelling growth and community vibrancy.

Find more about our VIP DAY here. 

Meaningful change

Serving with impact is like embarking on a quest filled with cheerful curiosity. We ask those challenging questions, unraveling the layers of complexity with a smile. Because in seeking solutions, we not only find answers but also add a touch of brightness to every intricate challenge, leaving a positive mark on the journey.

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