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Studio EYC has been immersed in reimagining the brand identity for four residential blocks in the Fish Island area – a unique blend of creativity and business by Southern Housing and Buckley Gray Yeoman. Our strategic journey began by delving into the brand's heart and mission. We explored typology and functionality, drawing inspiration from the project's noble purpose. Beyond providing affordable and social homes, this development on the edge between Victoria Park and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is an exercise in neighbourhood-building, emerging as a vibrant community hub fostering economic and social resilience.
  • Our primary focus in this property brand identity exercise is to prioritise a clear, attractive, and recognisable logotype and wayfinding system that embodies the product's personality and values. Our meticulous service involves testing design options to ensure the logo seamlessly aligns with potential occasions where it appears, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary for both residents and visitors.

    We carefully blend architectural aesthetics, strategically harmonising visuals with the compelling narratives of the structures. Our collaborative approach ensures meticulous enhancement, evolving from the property's original purpose to the overall visitor experience.

    The architectural details are here.

Ryan House Property Branding

  • Design Concept
    The redesigned look for Duration Beer features a modern Möbius twist, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with even weight and clean lines. This contemporary approach is complemented by the integration of the slab serif typeface, Aleo, known for its semi-rounded details and sleek structure. The collaboration of these design elements results in a new brand identity that boasts both modernity and high readability on can labels.

    The collaborative effort between Studio EYC and 5HT Studio successfully blends branding with architectural and 3D rendering work, meeting the client's objectives and enhancing the overall visibility and readability of Duration Beer on can labels.

    Future Outlook
    Anticipate further extensions of the new brand identity onto packaging, stationery, and goods in Phase 2, scheduled for implementation in late 2019.

Entrance (proposed)

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